WSKG TV documentaries on Johnson, Watson to premiere

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George F. Johnson

Gregory Keeler speaks with WSKG’s Brian Frey about two new documentary films:

For over 50 years, George F. Johnson had worked to build one of the largest and most successful manufacturing organizations in United States history, the Endicott Johnson Shoe Corporation. A documentary film by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Brian Frey, program tells the incredible story of one of the most successful and progressive industrialists in American history. JOHNSON chronicles the life and legacy of this uneducated shoemaker from New England, the community he built, and the night America turned its eyes to the town that made shoes. Johnson… Thursday, December 1st at 8pm on WSKG TV. REBROADCAST: Sunday, December 11, 7:00pm.

Thomas J. Watson

Long before names like Gates and Iacocca made headlines, Thomas Watson, Sr. was famous for the company he ran and the money he made. Strangely, however, no major filmed biography of the life and legacy of Thomas Watson has ever been produced. Why? The answer lies with the powerful and often impenetrable corporate culture that Watson himself created. For decades after his death, IBM cautiously guarded the files and personal correspondence of the man who built the empire. Only recently have the corporate archives of IBM been unsealed, revealing a richly layered story of a man’s life and of America’s rocky journey into the Information Age. Produced by Emmy Award-winning writer and filmmaker Brian Frey. Watson… December 2nd at 8pm on WSKG TV. REBROADCAST: Sunday, December 11, 9:00pm.

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