About WSKG

Welcome to WSKG’s new news blog, WSKGNews!  We spill out a lot of information to you, on public radio and public television.  And the questions we field most often are — where can I find that story online?  Where can I read more?  From now on, to the best of our ability, the answer will be: here.  And this is the space for you to talk back. We’re a small shop but we’ll be doing our best to supply you with a regular stream of what we’re covering, reading and watching in the region.  Stop here for more news, more culture and the things ticking in the Southern Tier, the Finger Lakes, and Northern Pennsylvania. We’re hoping you’ll contribute your reactions to stories, your suggested reading for Crystal Sarakas as she prepares for Community Conversation, your photos for The WSKG Picture Project, and your suggestions for us, as we embark on this project.


WSKG is operated by WSKG Public Telecommunications Council, a private non-profit corporation chartered by the Board of Regents of the State University of New York in association with the New York State Department of Education, and provides a public educational telecommunications service under the governance of a Board of Trustees which is selected from the communities served by the Station. WSKG is a community licensee and is authorized by the FCC to operate television and radio broadcasting services.

WSKG provides a public broadcasting service to residents of the Station’s coverage area. To accomplish this WSKG produces programs locally and purchases programs from Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), American Public Television (APT), National Public Radio (NPR), and American Public Media, Public Radio International and others. WSKG then promotes these programs to the public through this web site, the program guide GAMUT, other publications, use of the stations’ own air time, and through other media.

WSKG seeks educational, social and cultural concerns to address through public telecommunications in cooperation with others… and does so through the Community Advisory Board, featuring listeners & viewers from various communities in WSKG’s coverage area.

View WSKG’s Community Discussion Policy

Contact us directly:
Teresa Peltier, New Media & PR Specialist, TPeltier [at] WSKG.org

2 Responses “About WSKG” →

  1. Marcia Smith

    August 30, 2011

    Hello – I know I’m at the wrong spot on your site to do this, but could someone please tell me what emaiI would I use to change my address at WSKG?

    Thank you

  2. Hi Marcia! Are you referring to the email you use to receive GAMUT?


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